The price of homes in mainland Portugal sees a monthly increase on 0.6% in January 2021 showing stabilisation in the Lisbon real estate market.

Homeoweners looking to sell house in mainland Portugal can expect brighter days ahead than this time last year.


According to data calculated by Confidencial Imobiliário within the scope of the Residential Price Index, the sale price of houses in mainland Portugal rose 0.6% in January compared to the previous month, supporting the record of stability prevalent since the beginning of the pandemic.


Almost a year after the trigger of Covid-19, the residential market has exhibited contained monthly valuations that do not go beyond 1.0%, entering negative ground only for two moments. This happened in July and September, with monthly contractions of 0.2% and 2.1%, respectively.


Nevertheless, and reflecting the stabilisation of prices in the chain variation, the annual appreciation has been losing pace, something that occurred again in January, when this indicator reached 4.1%. The annual variation now recorded is more than 13 percentage points below that observed in January 2020.


In January 2021 (considering an accumulated period of 3 months), the average selling price of housing in mainland Portugal stood at € 1,615 / m², according to data from the SIR-Residential Information System. During this period, the average time to sell houses in the country was 6 months.